Utah is the 11th largest state in the United States of America.

Pine Valley Chapel


Tour this unique chapel, built in 1868, and peer into its attic, which was constructed to resemble an upside-down ship hull. In the 1860s the group of settlers sent to establish the Washington and Santa Clara colonies desired a permanent chapel that was similar in style to the churches they had left in New England. However, the only person in Pine Valley who was even remotely qualified as an architect was Ebenezer Bryce, a shipbuilder. Ebenezer took on the challenge and used his shipbuilding experience to design the chapel. Ebenezer applied unique techniques as he constructed the chapel, including wrapping the corners of the building with strips of green rawhide that tightened as they dried. When the church was finished, he said, "If a flood should come, it would float and if a wind came strong enough to blow it over, it would still never crash to pieces."

Some or all activites at this location are free All or part of this location is indoors

52 W. Main Street
Pine Valley, UT 84718

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